If you have made the decision to receive home care for yourself, or for a loved one, you may be in the position of deciding which caregiver to choose. We know that there are a lot of options out there for in-home care, but we also know that not all of these home care service providers can provide you with what you need.


They may come close. Many home care services take care of the day-to-day needs of someone who requires help with life’s tasks, such as bathing or feeding. Several home care companies will be able to perform one, or more, of the Seven Activities of Daily Living for you if you cannot. But, these home care companies will differ in their approach to caring for you, or for your loved one.


What makes Sevens Home Care different than the other providers out there, and why should you choose us for your in-home care? There are quite a few reasons, like the fact that we go above and beyond when providing care for you and for those you care about. We give you the personal attention you deserve because we understand the magnitude of the decision you’ve made to have help in your home. We would say, the number one reason why Sevens Home Care is different from the rest is that we treat our clients like friends, and like family. We become trusted people in the lives of our clients, just like their long-time friends and family members, and that is what keeps us doing what we do.


A Trusted Caregiver


Sevens Home Care caregivers are people you can rely on for help with your daily tasks and your most personal needs. Sure, we are here to help you with basic day-to-day activities, such as running errands and preparing your meals, but we also become a trusted confidant, if you want us to.


Our caregivers are caring, trustworthy men and women who are truly invested in our clients’ needs, physically and emotionally. We put ourselves in the position of our clients and we treat them how we would like to be treated if in the same position. Some of our clients like to share stories with us, ask us about our friends and families, and lean on us for friendship with they don’t have many other people to talk with.


We love this. Sevens Home Care Caregivers want to be thought of as close friends or extended family members. We care about each of our clients, and we think of them as friends and family too. Sevens Home Care Caregivers have chosen their profession because they are filled with compassion, and they want to make the lives of their clients easier and better.


Around the Clock Home Care


Unlike some home care providers, Sevens Home Care offers around the clock care. We are here when you need us, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We have a team of dedicated, experienced, and flexible caregivers who work to meet the needs of all of our clients, whenever those needs arise.


When you hire us to take care of you, or those you love, we make sure that our professional and caring staff can always be there when you need us. Some of our caregivers work short shifts and others work up to 24 hours a day. We all come together to meet the needs of our clients in ways that they need us to, whether it is taking care of small tasks or staying overnight to help out.


We Offer the Care You Need


Instead of approaching home care with a one-size-fits-all mentality, we work to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. This means that we have an in-depth conversation with everyone who inquires about our services to see exactly what they need from us. After our meeting, or a phone conversation, we are able to structure care that serves the specific needs of our clients.


We understand that, initially and sometimes all of the time, having a caregiver in your home can feel strange. Sevens Home Care Caregivers know when take the lead in care and when to step back and fill a supplemental role. We don’t ever presume to know how you want your day, and your life, to function. We allow you to dictate what you need, whether it is complete administration of tasks or just a bit of help, and then we follow your instructions. Of course, our caregivers are experienced enough to determine when a little extra care would be appreciated.


Sevens Home Care is different because our caregivers are different. They are some of the most beautiful, caring, trustworthy, and special people we know, which is why we trust them to serve you and to help you with your care.


We know what it is like to need in-home care. We have had family members who needed home care, so we understand what is desired when a person reaches out for help. We know that the decision of having someone come into your home, to help you with things you might want to be able to do for yourself, is a huge one. Sevens Home Care does not take this decision lightly. We honor your choice to reach out for help, and we are ready to care for you in your home as you need us to, so you can feel happy, independent, and safe.