Respite Care Offers Relief to Caregivers and Support to Those Receiving Care

Nearly 25.5 million Americans balance a full-time job with caring for a relative over the age of 50 in the home. It doesn’t take long to reach the point of exhaustion when trying to balance the stress of a job with important caregiving responsibilities.

In some cases, increasing medical needs make caregiving at home nearly impossible. Senior respite care helps couples remain in their own home for as long as possible, even if one or both have difficulties with the activities of daily living.

Our in-home respite care services are available for people of all ages on an as-needed basis. Recovering from major surgery, healing after an accident or just getting through the first few days after a hospital stay can be challenging for both the patient and their caregivers.

Senior respite care enriches lives

Providing care for a family member or spouse in need is rewarding, but it can also be draining. Caregiver stress is a valid concern, and one consistently effective way to cope is by seeking respite care services.

There are benefits to seeking this type of care for everyone involved. Respite care services give day-to-day caregivers a much-needed break while maintaining a safe, engaging, and supportive environment for the person receiving care.

Respite care for elderly people may include help with personal care like dressing, bathing, and exercising. It may also include skilled care services like medication distribution and other medical services.

Don’t worry about signing a long-term contract or committing to a strict schedule. Our in-home respite care services require as little as 24 hours’ notice. We want to be available to help families through difficult challenges.

In many cases, the difference between a person in need of care remaining in their own home and having to move into a place providing full-time care is just a few daily tasks. The caregiver providing assistance may feel like they won’t ever be able to take a break. This day-to-day stress can make small problems seem insurmountable.

In-home respite care for people with Alzheimer’s Disease

While people with Alzheimer’s Disease may take some extra time to adjust to a new person or a slightly different routine, there are benefits to seeking respite care in these cases, as well. Be sure to discuss your concerns with our care team in the initial meeting.

Alzheimer’s Disease can be especially stressful for caregivers, especially as the disease progresses. It can be difficult to know when and how to ask for help. In-home respite care helps caregivers cope with the personality and behavioral changes that come with dementia.

Our caregivers are highly trained to understand the stages of dementia and how stressful diseases like Alzheimer’s are on a family. Compassion, patience, and understanding are our specialties.

Here at Sevens Home Care, we specialize in providing in-home memory care that meets the needs of both the person receiving care and their loved ones. Our plans are fully customizable to meet your needs, and we are flexible with the amount and type of care we provide.

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