Dementia In-Home Care Services Improve Quality of Life

More than five million Americans live with some form of dementia. This devastating disease has a profound effect on mental, emotional, and physical well-being. There are ways to minimize the negative effects of dementia and help loved ones struggling with the disease and its symptoms maintain and even improve their quality of life.

At Sevens Home Care, the issues surrounding quality of life for people with dementia are important to us. We started this business because we recognized a need for high-quality dementia in-home care.

People who struggle with memory function need stable schedules and familiar surroundings. Moving away from home, where they are most comfortable, can trigger a worsening of symptoms and cause great distress.

Dementia home care services help your loved one remain where they are most comfortable for as long as possible.

Maintaining independence for as long as possible in a familiar environment is essential to the mental, physical and emotional well-being of your loved one. You may be struggling to find a compromise between care provided by only family and friends or full-time care in an institutional setting. However, providing an in-home caregiver helps meet everyone’s needs while keeping day-to-day life as consistent as possible. Our caregivers also help preserve a sense of dignity and independence.

Dementia home care may be difficult to discuss with your loved one. It’s an important conversation, though. Dementia in-home care relieves the stress of providing 100% of your loved one’s day-to-day care. Driving to appointments, personal care, and medication reminders are all important parts of the activities of daily living that people with dementia may find increasingly difficult as their disease progresses.

In-home care for your loved one keeps them where they are most comfortable; in the familiar surroundings of their home. Dementia home care services can be as extensive or as fundamental as needed.

Plans that meet the individuals’ unique needs

In some cases, people struggling with the effects of dementia can’t do the things they used to enjoy, most. In-home care can make those activities possible, again.

We custom tailor our dementia in-home care services to meet the needs of your loved one. A high level of engagement in the early stages of dementia is crucial to slowing the negative effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Minimizing symptoms is one of our goals.

In-home caregivers who specialize in dementia understand the disease and its effect on relationships. They offer personalized and compassionate care inside a predetermined routine that helps to create a sense of peace in the home.

All our home care plans start with a free in-home consultation. Our experts will discuss the options for dementia home care services, help you determine how much and which type of care you require, and will set a tentative schedule.

Our flexibility is a product of our commitment to helping families make the most of the time they spend with their loved ones. There is no contract, so the schedule can change as needed.

Begin your journey to personalized home care. Contact us for a free in-home assessment.


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