Home Care Factors to Consider

When choosing your provider and the type of care your family needs there are many questions to ask and factors to consider. You should feel comfortable that your agency will provide your family with a safe and comforting environment with strong agency values, a thorough care plan, and a highly selective Caregiver process.

Know your provider

Compassion. Reliability. Affordability. Relationship. These are the four critical elements you want to look for in an at-home care provider. We know from personal experience. The decision about taking care of aging parents was one we had to make ourselves. It’s also why we built our company on those four cornerstones.

Understanding your care needs

You’re unique and so are the challenges you are facing. We take time getting to know you so we can design plans tailored to your individual preferences and your specific situation. Whether you are looking for an age in place home care, or taking care of aging parents, we have a solution to meet your needs.

At Sevens Home Care, you are in charge. You tell us what in home senior services you need, and we facilitate. Because we are local and owner-operated, you get the benefit of personal attention, flexibility and exceptional responsiveness. And our wide range of age in place services is very affordable.

Know your caregivers

They are compassionate. They are qualified. They are reliable. And they have lots of experience. From private residences and nursing homes to rehab centers and hospitals, our caregivers have worked in many different settings and with all kinds of needs, in order to help seniors stay in their homes.

We have three categories of caregivers:

  • Companion/Homemaker
  • Home Health Aide
  • CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

At Sevens Home Care, we have a Seven-Step Screening process that all of our caregivers go through. Our interviews, testing, background checks, and orientation are the most selective in the industry, assuring you the best help in the industry today to help seniors stay in their homes.

Evaluate Home Care Need:
What to look for?

Deciding if it’s time for home care is a tough decision. One you’ll probably only make once in your life. How do you know it’s time? Many families find themselves in a crisis when they first learn about home care and the job of a caregiver. Maybe your mother, father or spouse is about to be released from a recent stay at the hospital or rehabilitation center, and you are told they will need help with everyday activities that before seemed a given.

For others, the realization may be a long and slow process that their loved one is becoming more and more reliant on others to accomplish daily tasks. Soon the family can become very concerned with their loved ones safety and their lack of independence.

Often, these responsibilities fall on another family member. Home care tasks are usually compounded on our already hectic daily lives. At first, family members may not notice they’ve become the primary caregiver for a loved one and the impact it can cause on that relationship. Stress and guilt escalate quickly. You soon view your role as a job instead of as a daughter, son, husband or wife.

When any of these situations become a reality, you are faced with a choice and if the situation is right, our Denver home care assistance can be the best and most rewarding option, because home is where you want to be.

How to Decide On Home Care

Deciding on home care is never easy. We’re here to guide you along the path to ensure you get the best home care possible. Your situation is unique. Maybe you only need a few hours. Or maybe you need 24/7 assistance. With Sevens Home Care, you have choices and all of our services are designed to address any and all of your daily living activities.

 At Sevens Home Care, our name is rooted in the Seven Activities of Daily Living. The Seven ADL’s are an industry standard for deciding if a loved one needs help at home. It’s essential for individuals to understand and be involved in performing the ADL tasks for as long as they possibly can. While our services cover a wide range of activities, these Seven are a strong starting guide for determining if your loved one needs home care.

Services for the Seven Activities of Daily Life

  1. Bathing and Grooming
  2. Dressing and Undressing
  3. Meal Preparation and Nutrition
  4. Functional Transfers
  5. Safe Restroom Use and Maintaining Continence
  6. Ambulation
  7. Memory Care and Stimulation (Alzheimer’s and Dementia)

Our Colorado Home Care Services Also Include:

  • Transportation
  • Fall Prevention
  • Pet Care
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Medication and Therapy Reminders
  • Escorting to Doctor’s Appointments
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • Bed Making and Sheet Changing
  • Grocery Shopping

And many more….

No individual is the same. Your loved one may need in-home help in just one or two areas or more. At Sevens Home Care we can help guide you in determining your needs. We will help maintain your loved ones independence in as few or as many of the areas you desire.


If you or your loved one is having difficulty with any one of the Seven Activities of Daily Living, it might be time for in-home help/assistance.

We’re available to talk to you, answer your questions, address your concerns and meet you face-to-face. Call us anytime to set up an in-home assessment so you can start being assisted and independent. Contact Us.

When you contact us at Sevens Home Care, a dedicated and caring professional will answer all the questions on you and your families mind. Our free consultation will help you learn more about home care options and how they can help a loved one. Contacting us is truly the first step to a more comfortable, safer and more independent life for your loved one in need.


The process often begins with many questions. Our experienced case managers will help answer any of those questions—day or night.