It’s the time of year again.  Out here in Denver, Colorado the winter months are often met with excitement due to the world famous skiing but it’s also an important time to evaluate an elderly loved one’s safety.  Those bitter cold days and slippery sidewalks can take their toll on seniors in Denver so it’s important to start planning now.

The biggest risk is the bitter cold weather and the problems it can cause.  Anyone who has walked into their elderly parents or grandparents home and often felt like they needed a sweater in the summer or t-shirt in the winter knows that as the body ages it loses its ability to regulate temperature.  What you may not know is the heat turned up in the home may cause dehydration which leads to confusion and increased fall risk.  Even worse the confusion may lead too improper medication use and even trying to go outside!

Some recommendations we have for Seniors in Denver here at Sevens Home Care are as follows:

  • Keep your elderly loved ones inside or prevent them from going outside alone.  This will help prevent unnecessary exposure to cold temperatures and prevent falls on slippery sidewalks.
  • Frequently check on elderly family members or elderly members of your community.  Changes in health can happen quickly no matter what time of year but it’s especially important during the winter months when many factors can influence elderly health.  If you don’t have time try the services of a Sevens Home Care Caregiver.  Visits as little as 3 hours a week can provide peace of mind.
  • Stock up on groceries and other items frequently needed so your elderly loved ones aren’t tempted to go out.  Our staff of Caregivers at Sevens Home Care can help by doing your grocery shopping on one of our visits each week!
  • Make sure your elderly loved one has reliable and safe transportation.  If possible have someone else accompany them on their trips.  During the winter months it’s much harder to see and much more difficult to get in out of the car.  Our Caregivers can provide this simple benefit by accompanying your elderly loved ones to community activities, church, or Doctor’s visits.
  • Get a flu shot.  Everyone knows that when we are young and in our golden years our immune systems aren’t quite as effective.  Because of this if you see any signs of the flu you should immediately seek medical attention.  Don’t forget to get a flu shot yourself, especially for the grandkids as it’s easy to transfer the flu to those with weaker immune systems.

Many of these pitfalls can be prevented by regular visits from Caregivers provided by Sevens Home Care.  Another pitfall of long winter months is the seasonal blues.  The days are shorter, the sun shines a bit less and the holiday season can often make seniors feel more alone.  Giving your loved one special attention by stopping by more often or providing a warm and caring Caregiver will go a long way in getting through these bitter cold days.