Home care and Hospice are often used together.  During this difficult time it is important for you and your family to have as much help and support as possible.  There is no more important time for families to be focused on being family members and not workers for their loved one.  Home Care and Hospice work together so well because our mission is the often the same:  To provide the most comforting care possible in the home.

Sevens Home Care has helped many patients through this difficult time and we continually strive to teach our Caregivers about the special kind of care that each patient needs.  From time to time we bring in Denver Hospice companies to sit down with our Caregivers to help train and refresh their skills.  Combined with our experience this ensures your family receives the best care available for your loved ones time with Hospice.

As part of our continued commitment to helping those with Hospice in the home, or facility, we are posting a new section on our services pages dedicated to Hospice and home care.

Read below for the section preview:

Hospice Services

Sevens Home Care’s services are often used by patients who are receiving hospice care in their homes. Hospice services are for those who have reached a point in a terminal illness where the focus is not on curing the illness but on providing care and comfort.   Our caregivers have experience providing the special kind of care that respects a person’s need for dignity and comfort during the final stages of life.

We have partnerships with many home hospice providers in the Denver area.  We are very familiar with coordinating our care with hospice service providers to ensure that you or your loved one receives the level of care that is needed.

Through our compassionate care, we are able to help with the physical and emotional needs of our clients and their families.  We are very flexible in the care we provide and our services are an excellent supplement to Home Hospice care because we can help to take care of needs that are not within the scope of service for Home Hospice providers.   Our caregivers can help to maintain a high quality of life at the end of life for you or your loved one.

Please contact us for additional information on these services.