By Sydney Morehart

When examining Home Health Care as an option for you or a loved one, there are a number of elements to consider. Livestrong,com, a partner with the Lance Armstrong’s Foundation, broke these considerations into six categories:

One major advantage of Home Health Care is that is costs scientifically less than a stay in the hospital or a nursing facility. Home Health Care professionals provide a wide range of services, including everything from care for patients discharged from the hospital still in need of care through the length of their recovery to a companion to help our loved ones run errands or go to the grocery store.

For many patients and their families, Home Health Care offers a less costly alternative than a traditional residential care facility. Home Health Care is tailored to suit a patient and his or her family’s requirements and can be easily altered to reflect a person’s changing needs.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Home Health Care is the independence it affords. Home Health Care allows people to recover in the comfort and security of his or her own home and often delays the need for families to place an elder loved one in a nursing care facility.

At Sevens Home Care we work with patients and their families to create a Home Care regiment that allows our clients to maintain their independence while receiving an incredibly high quality of care; which leads us to the next point…

Quality of Care:
One of the primary benefits of Home Health Care is the one-on-one attention each patient receives. Unlike in a hospital or nursing facility where caregivers may have up to 10 patients at a time, Sevens Home Care ensures that each patient receives undivided attention from his or her caregiver.

At Sevens Home Care all of our caregivers meet the highest standards in the industry and are regularly tested and screened to ensure the best care is being provided to our clients.

Family Participation:
Care provided by friends and family is often the most beneficial to patients. Home Health Care offers the flexibility of allowing family to maintain an important role in providing care to their loved ones; while also providing the support and respite family caregivers need.

Sevens Home Care allows for ultimate flexibility making it easier to develop daily routines that work for everyone.

Limited Choices:
While reputable Home Health Care providers are on the rise across the nation, it is still a daunting task searching for the agency that best suits you and your family’s needs. Sevens Home Care offers genuine, honest, reliable and compassionate care, excelling beyond industry standards.

Patient Rights:
As a recipient of Home Health Care, you are entitled to certain rights as outlined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A major benefit to Home Health Care over traditional hospital care is that you are given a copy of your care plan, outlining the types and frequency of services to be delivered.

Sevens Home Care is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of care and that includes complete respect for our patients’ rights, property, health, and well-being.

Sevens Home Care believes that these six categories only begin to define the benefits of Home Health Care. We believe that the along with these tangible benefits of Home Health Care, we also offer compassionate care, resulting in a better quality of life and dignity for our clients and their families.

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