By Sydney Morehart

Home Health Care has received some added attention in the news today with the release of Having Your Own Say: Getting the Right Care When it Means Most, a how-to guidebook that aids patients and their families face what seems to be some of the insurmountable tasks associated with a long term illness.  The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog provided a great review of the ideas outlined in the book.

Having Your Own Say is a proponent of Home Health Care, aiming to get more health systems to adopt programs such as caring for terminally ill patients at home rather than in hospitals.  The book advocates helping patients and families prepare for end-of-life decisions, avoiding unwanted treatments while providing comfort and pain relief through working with their doctors and health care team to formulate a care-plan that is best suited to the patient’s wishes.

The book focuses on two main reasons why Home Health Care provides greater advantages over traditional hospitals and nursing care facilities. The first is that patients and their families are afforded the ability to work with their doctors, specialists, insurers and hospital to ensure that patients with advanced illness get the quality of care they want and their wishes for treatment respected.  Home Health Care allows patients and their families to be more involved in the health care process; giving them more opportunity to be involved in the planning and implementation of care than they would in hospital settings.

The second benefit outlined in Having Your Own Say is the significantly reduced cost of Home Health Care verses hospital stays. Studies have shown that helping patients better manage illness at home reduces the number of health crises requiring costly hospitalization.

The book asserts that less costly Home Care provides the same quality of care as long-term hospitalization for most patients.  The core of the book highlights Sevens Home Care’s ethos – the focus must be on the quality of living as defined by patients and their loved ones and that the patient’s wishes are respected and followed.

At Sevens Home Care we believe in empowering our patients.  Our goal is to be there to assist, essentially an extra set of hands, to make the tasks of everyday life just a little bit easier.  Our caregivers are there to do the work so you or your loved can just enjoy life.  Contact us today to find out how we can help make staying at home just a little bit easier.

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