Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory diseases steal memory, cognition and the ability to recognize loved ones. They reduce the patient’s life to a series of moments that can’t accumulate; linear events that are forgotten the instant they end.

It’s not an overstatement to say that these medical findings embody the horror of dementia. They are nearly impossible to accept. They change how family members interact, rob relationships of meaningful interaction, and leave loved ones struggling for ways in which to make a positive impact on the dementia patient’s life.

The fact is that when we engage with loved ones and make them happy it is because we know it will create endearing memories. When those memories can’t be formed, it can leave family members and friends reaching to find new meaning behind acts of kindness. According to a recent study reported by the British Broadcasting System (BBC), 42% of the public think there is no point in maintaining contact with a loved one at this stage of dementia.

Not so fast. There is a point to visiting those with dementia and experts just articulated it. The BBC quotes the Alzheimer’s Society as saying that dementia patients hold “emotional memories”. In other words, dementia patients have the ability to feel happy long after they may have forgotten an actual visit or experience. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, “family visits stimulated feelings of happiness, comfort and security” in Alzheimer’s patients.

Feelings of joy are badly needed. According to the BBC, a separate Alzheimer’s Society survey of 300 people affected by dementia found that 64% felt isolated following their diagnosis. That isolation is easily erased by short visits, phone calls, and letters.

That brings us full circle to the bedrock of loving relationships- creating joy and happiness. Now we know that even when the brain forgets, the heart remembers. That is part and parcel of the mission at Sevens Home Care and Sevens Residential Memory Care. Human touch and a smiling face can enhance a dementia patient’s quality of life, reduce stress and give them happy, emotional memories.

Sevens Home Care will provide support for you and your family, helping you to understand dementia while keeping your loved one at home. We primarily offer services in the individual’s private residence but will also provide one-on-one support for your loved one in assisted living and rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, hospices and hospitals. We go wherever and whenever a patient needs care on a regular schedule, weekly or monthly visits or for one-time respite care.

When it comes time for your loved one to be safe in a secure, memory centered facility, Sevens Residential Memory Care provides a safe, enriching environment that creates happiness for dementia patients. Our innovative house specializes in memory care including Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and is located in a residential neighborhood in Lakewood, CO. Accommodating only 12 residents and two full-time care partners, our model offers highly personalized supervision and a supportive community that fosters individual freedom.

To learn more about Sevens Home Care, call 303-470-1921. To learn more about Sevens Residential Memory Care and to schedule a tour call 720-477-1727.