There are some issues that all people hold as sacrosanct and thankfully dementia is one of them. Just recently the American Actor Will Ferrell dropped out of a movie project about former President Ronald Reagan and his battles with Alzheimer’s Disease after a well-founded uproar raised the absolute lack of comedy in the subject. Nations across the world seem to share this value; the seriousness of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease is inviolable.

A recent article posted on The Dementia Centre’s website (University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre- DSDC) discussed the fact that increasingly, governments around the world are acknowledging the dire need to set policy on dementia. According to the DSDC, Wales, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland and the United States have all set plans in motion to develop strategies to address Alzheimer’s Disease. And the British Prime minister set a challenge for dementia for 2020.

DSDC gathered international leaders in the field of dementia to discuss the impact of global politics on the disease, in a masterclass called “Dementia and Politics”.  Their thought provoking insights included:

  • Dementia is a human rights issue and there is a need for activism.
  • Drugs can only offer false hope.
  • The big, future demographic numbers (of those suffering with dementia) are a problem.
  • Dementia friendly communities need to become less bland.

The participants in the DSDC masterclass shared frank, honest observations about dementia and the extraordinary needs the disease imposes on families and society at large.

Johan Vos, Deputy Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Disease International highlighted the enormous future needs of a vast dementia population saying, “Research give us the statistics to go to politicians and say, ‘World-wide dementia is going to go from 44 million to 235 million by 2050, and the cost is going to sky rocket. What are you going to do about it?’”

Professor June Andrews, Director DSDC discussed the fact that children need to focus on strategies for caring for elders with Dementia. “Somebody needs to tell all those in their 20s that thirty years from now they better have made provisions for elder care- including buying insurance policies so you can afford to pay for someone to look after your Mum. I don’t hear that conversation now…who’s talking to our children, grandchildren about the fact that a solution needs to be found?”

Alan House, Professor of Liaison Psychiatry, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences put it most succinctly when he reflected on the need to be blunt and honest about the care needs of those with dementia.  “There is an interesting dishonesty about the way things are portrayed publicly versus what goes on in private when an elderly person is ill. If you ask someone with a hospitalized family member ‘What did you do about it?’, most will say that the family took turns visiting so their loved one was not alone or solely in the care of the hospital staff for more than a couple of days. And yet we don’t say that to people in general because it’s frightening. Most everyone is afraid to say, ‘It would be a really good idea, when your relative is in hospital, if you spent quite a lot of time in there, because if you form a partnership with the hospital then things are likely to go better.’

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