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Fun Fall Activities

By: Sydney Morehart   Great Fall Activities: Fall may provide the best season for activities for seniors as the weather is cooler and there are fewer crowds. Whether it’s a drive through beautiful fall foliage, a visit to a local apple orchard, weekly dance classes or a trip to the local golf range – the [...]

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Long Term Care Insurance Seminar

Purchasing Long Term Care insurance can offer you a lot of peace of mind when it comes to considering what your future healthcare needs might be. Because Long Term Care is not covered by Medicare or health insurance it is important to consider a policy that will help cover the expense of Long Term Care [...]

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Caregiver Survival Skills Workshop: Preparing for Difficult Decisions: Legal Issues

The Mountain Caregivers Resource Group presents a free educational series on a monthly basis that offers free education and support to caregivers.  The series is entitled “Caregiver Survival Skills Workshop: Preparing for Difficult Decisions: Legal Issues”.  The next opportunity to attend this will be 12/1/11.  Details from the Seniors Blue Book Website are as follows: [...]

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Diabetes 101: A Free Class on Living with Diabetes

Living with and managing diabetes can be very difficult.  The more education and support you have the easier it is to deal with this difficult diagnosis.  By attending informative classes, particularly when they are free or low cost, can be a great way to gain knowledge and can also give you the opportunity to connect [...]

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