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Don’t Call Me ‘Dear’

“Honey” and “Dear” are terms of endearment when used properly- by the right person in the right relationship. However, extract those words from the proper context and you have maddening terms of condescension. It’s tough enough for middle aged adults to ignore the over-familiarity of these terms; it’s nearly impossible for the elderly. A recent [...]

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What You Don’t Know Can Kill You!!!

By: Mickey This post was written by a 97 year old client of ours. She is an incredible and insightful woman who wanted to share an important story. Mickey's 97th birthday at Costco Hello my name is Mildred but my friends call me Mickey. I’m a victim of healthcare and hospital personnel and [...]

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Fun Fall Activities

By: Sydney Morehart   Great Fall Activities: Fall may provide the best season for activities for seniors as the weather is cooler and there are fewer crowds. Whether it’s a drive through beautiful fall foliage, a visit to a local apple orchard, weekly dance classes or a trip to the local golf range – the [...]

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Flu Prevention Tips

By: Sydney Morehart Saturday, September 22nd, marked the first day of fall. While the days are still rather warm, the evenings are beginning to feel significantly cooler. As summer wraps up, it is still important to remember to keep well hydrated and to avoid strenuous physical activity during the heat of the day (this time [...]

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How to Evaluate in Home Care

By: Sydney Morehart How to Chose the Right Home Health Care Provider for You: Deciding that you want or need to enlist the help of a Home Health Care provider is a difficult task. Once you have decided that Home Health Care is the best path for you and your loved ones then comes the [...]

By | May 16th, 2012|Elderly Home Care, Long-term Care, Senior Home Care|1 Comment

Celebrating Older Americans – “Never Too Old To Play”

By: Sydney Morehart The month of May is dedicated to celebrating Older Americans. Since 1963, the month of May focuses on the commitment and contributions older Americans have made to our country. This year’s theme is “Never Too Old To Play”, which encourages seniors to stay engaged, active and involved in their own lives and [...]

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Having Your Own Say in Home Care

By Sydney Morehart Home Health Care has received some added attention in the news today with the release of Having Your Own Say: Getting the Right Care When it Means Most, a how-to guidebook that aids patients and their families face what seems to be some of the insurmountable tasks associated with a long term [...]

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Home Health Care Advantages

By Sydney Morehart When examining Home Health Care as an option for you or a loved one, there are a number of elements to consider. Livestrong,com, a partner with the Lance Armstrong’s Foundation, broke these considerations into six categories: Financial: One major advantage of Home Health Care is that is costs scientifically less than a [...]

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Keeping the Elderly Safe and Healthy in the Winter

It’s the time of year again.  Out here in Denver, Colorado the winter months are often met with excitement due to the world famous skiing but it’s also an important time to evaluate an elderly loved one’s safety.  Those bitter cold days and slippery sidewalks can take their toll on seniors in Denver so it’s [...]

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What is Personal In-Home Care?

Surprisingly this question comes up quite often when speaking with families and their loved ones.  There are many ways to answer this question.  The most basic is providing support or care for a person who is unable to perform daily activities such as bathing, feeding or needs assistance when moving.   A much more clinical answer [...]

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