They’re compassionate. They’re qualified. They’re reliable. And they have lots of experience. Sevens Home Care has the most difficult and selective Caregiver Selection Process in the industry today. Our dedication to finding and continually training our staff is what sets us apart from other companies. Our selection process consists of a Seven Step process for screening the professionalism and skills of our Caregivers; however, the most important quality all of our Caregivers have is passion. Intangibles such as passion are simply impossible to teach, and we personally assure all our Caregivers have an unquestionable commitment to enriching the lives of those in need.

Whether it’s from private residences and nursing homes to rehab centers and hospitals, our caregivers have worked in many different settings and with all kinds of needs.

We have three categories of Caregivers:

– Companion/Homemaker

– Home Health Aide

– CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

Screening Process

All of our caregivers go through a seven-step screening process. This includes:

1. Phone Interview

All of our caregivers go through a phone interview with our care coordinator. The interview is designed to test the caregiver’s home care knowledge and communication skills.

2. Application and Initial Test

Our initial caregiver application is the most extensive in the industry. Applicants have to provide us with the last 10 years of their job history and two professional references. Following a character evaluation, they take a 30-minute test over home care and nursing topics.

3. Background Check

We check the background of any potential caregiver through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. To guarantee we have the correct information, we use both birth date and social security to verify identity.

4. Reference Check

All applicants are required to supply us with at least two references. We contact both to make sure that we are selecting caregivers with a solid reputation.

5. Orientation and Initial Training

During the mandatory orientation, potential caregivers are introduced to the values and policies of Sevens Home Care. Following the orientation, they then are tested on their ability to handle specific care situations, including transfers, ambulatory movements, dressing techniques and elderly nutrition. We also do additional testing for character and communication skills so that only highly qualified individuals are placed with a family.

6. Competency Test

All candidates take an online test which covers all major topics in home care. They are required to have a minimum score of 90% not only on their test, but also on their orientation and training before being placed with a family.

7. Ongoing Training

All our caregivers also get continuing education to keep their skills fresh and to stay abreast of the latest techniques. They complete six topics per year through the national home care training organization. We make sure that we’re complying with regulations. And they’re providing you with the best possible care.

You can rest assured you’re in capable, trustworthy hands!


The process often begins with many questions. Our experienced case managers will help answer any of those questions—day or night.