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Brian, Author at Sevens Home Care
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How to Slow the Progression of Dementia

No one can stop or reverse the signs of early onset dementia. There are some things that can slow the process, however. These tactics work in the short term for some people. For the best results, it’s important to adopt an overall healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, dietary changes can help to minimize the symptoms. For other [...]

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What to Do After a Diagnosis of Early Onset Dementia

Getting accurate information tailored to your specific situation is an important goal after a diagnosis of early onset dementia. Here are four subjects to consider as soon as possible. Update legal and financial documents For peace of mind, and to eliminate future problems, it’s important to update legal and financial documents. Meet with your financial [...]

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Early Onset Dementia: How Home Care Can Help

After a diagnosis of early onset dementia, figuring out what to do next may seem overwhelming. The first and most important thing to understand about coping with early onset dementia is that you aren’t alone. About one in 20 people in the United States with a memory disorder or some form of dementia is under [...]

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How to talk with people who have Alzheimer’s Disease: What to say, and what not to say

Relating to a person who is coping with Alzheimer’s Disease may seem intimidating. You want your time together to be pleasant and uplifting for both of you and the do’s and don’ts aren’t always obvious. How to handle an argument Getting into a squabble with a person who has Alzheimer’s Disease is best avoided. You [...]

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The Possible Link Between Infections and Alzheimer’s Disease

Not much rocks the scientific world, mostly because of its nature. Scientists believe something to be true only when it is based on hard evidence, and repeated, and precisely duplicated research findings. But as with every rule there is an exception and scientists are practically giddy over the early findings of a new study regarding [...]

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Know the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Each individual stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease will exhibit its signs and symptoms differently at different times and in varying degrees. However, there are commonalities shared by all. Scientists have been able to stage these common indicators of the disease to help understand its progression and appropriate care for patients. While it is a detailed science, [...]

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Fight the stigma of Alzheimer’s Disease by focusing on the person; not the problem

Contrary to popular belief, memory problems and cognitive decline are not a normal part of ageing. In fact, Alzheimer’s Disease and various forms of dementia are different for every person who suffers from them. The misconception that memory loss is something that every family faces as their elderly relatives go through the final stages of [...]

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Dementia and Politics

There are some issues that all people hold as sacrosanct and thankfully dementia is one of them. Just recently the American Actor Will Ferrell dropped out of a movie project about former President Ronald Reagan and his battles with Alzheimer’s Disease after a well-founded uproar raised the absolute lack of comedy in the subject. Nations [...]

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The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Brain as You Age

We often hear that “beauty is only skin deep”, but that isn’t entirely true. Scientists now know that maintaining a “beautiful” brain is especially important when it comes to aging and delaying the onset of dementia. In fact, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, research linking brain health to heart health is some of the most [...]

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Music is more than entertainment for our brains

We listen to music for entertainment, to relax, and as a way to connect with other people. Until recently, scientists didn’t have a clear understanding of what music actually does to our brains. Music affects many different areas of the human brain In the early nineties when functional brain imaging technology became widely available, scientists [...]

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