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Know the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Each individual stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease will exhibit its signs and symptoms differently at different times and in varying degrees. However, there are commonalities shared by all. Scientists have been able to stage these common indicators of the disease to help understand its progression and appropriate care for patients. While it is a detailed science, [...]

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Fight the stigma of Alzheimer’s Disease by focusing on the person; not the problem

Contrary to popular belief, memory problems and cognitive decline are not a normal part of ageing. In fact, Alzheimer’s Disease and various forms of dementia are different for every person who suffers from them. The misconception that memory loss is something that every family faces as their elderly relatives go through the final stages of [...]

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Dementia and Politics

There are some issues that all people hold as sacrosanct and thankfully dementia is one of them. Just recently the American Actor Will Ferrell dropped out of a movie project about former President Ronald Reagan and his battles with Alzheimer’s Disease after a well-founded uproar raised the absolute lack of comedy in the subject. Nations [...]

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