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The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Brain as You Age

We often hear that “beauty is only skin deep”, but that isn’t entirely true. Scientists now know that maintaining a “beautiful” brain is especially important when it comes to aging and delaying the onset of dementia. In fact, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, research linking brain health to heart health is some of the most [...]

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Music is more than entertainment for our brains

We listen to music for entertainment, to relax, and as a way to connect with other people. Until recently, scientists didn’t have a clear understanding of what music actually does to our brains. Music affects many different areas of the human brain In the early nineties when functional brain imaging technology became widely available, scientists [...]

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Reiki Aids in the Treatment of Dementia Patients

In the world of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, stress, depression and anxiety make an already difficult situation nearly impossible to cope with. Dementia patients can become agitated, making it difficult to physically care for them. Long term caregivers, whether family members or professionals, can suffer from burnout. It seems that there is no end to [...]

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Brain inflammation may be a key component in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease

A group of researchers at Southampton University have made an important discovery about the relationship between brain inflammation and Alzheimer’s Disease. Through careful study and comparison of healthy human brains and human brains with Alzheimer’s Disease, they discovered that immune cells called microglia are present in higher numbers with Alzheimer’s Disease than they are in [...]

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A Smell Test May Detect Alzheimer’s Disease

The sense of smell is very important to enjoying life - the scent of roses, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the mouthwatering smell of a freshly prepared dinner add an important dimension to every day. Now it seems that smell may allow scientists to detect Alzheimer’s Disease. Granted, the indicative smell is not quite [...]

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