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January 2016 - Sevens Home Care
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Hospice Care

  As you are searching for someone to care for you in your home, or care for your loved one, you might be wondering “When is it time for hospice care?” There are many levels of care that can be given to an individual in the home. And, there are different types of care, such [...]

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Coordinating with hospice; How non-medical home care offers support to patients and their loved ones

Quality home care provides a non-disruptive way for a person to stay at home even if they cannot perform normal day-to-day tasks associated with independent living. Having in-home care makes it possible to avoid the trauma associated with moving into a nursing facility. For medical patients who are terminally ill and have less than six [...]

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How palliative care and home care offers patients comfort during recovery

Understanding palliative care, its benefits, and the difference between palliative care and hospice is necessary when faced with the decisions about whether or not to pursue this special type of assistance. Palliative care The term palliative care refers to a specially trained team of specialists designed to meet the needs of a patient with a [...]

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When Can I get started with Home Care?

The simple answer is whenever you want.  You do not have to be a certain age or have a certain medical diagnosis.  The most important factor is whether you feel it is necessary.  Safety and comfort are number one priorities for home care, so whenever you feel that you need help with basic activities or [...]

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What Makes Sevens Home Care Different?

If you have made the decision to receive home care for yourself, or for a loved one, you may be in the position of deciding which caregiver to choose. We know that there are a lot of options out there for in-home care, but we also know that not all of these home care service [...]

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In-home Care: Overcoming Obstacles

Throughout history people have always preferred to care for their loved ones at home. Whether very young or very old, the multi-generational household is a constant throughout many cultures. However, for many families taking in an aging parent is not an option and moving into a care facility isn’t ideal, either. In-home care is the [...]

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