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May 2012 - Sevens Home Care
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Thank you notes are icing on the Cake

Our ultimate goal at Sevens Home Care’s is to ensure our clients receive the honest, reliable, and compassionate care everyone is entitled to. We find satisfaction in knowing our company and our caregivers provide the best, highest quality care to you and your loved ones… But it doesn’t hurt when our patients or their families [...]

By | May 22nd, 2012|Caregivers, Long-term Care, Senior Home Care|1 Comment

How to Evaluate in Home Care

By: Sydney Morehart How to Chose the Right Home Health Care Provider for You: Deciding that you want or need to enlist the help of a Home Health Care provider is a difficult task. Once you have decided that Home Health Care is the best path for you and your loved ones then comes the [...]

By | May 16th, 2012|Elderly Home Care, Long-term Care, Senior Home Care|1 Comment

Celebrating Older Americans – “Never Too Old To Play”

By: Sydney Morehart The month of May is dedicated to celebrating Older Americans. Since 1963, the month of May focuses on the commitment and contributions older Americans have made to our country. This year’s theme is “Never Too Old To Play”, which encourages seniors to stay engaged, active and involved in their own lives and [...]

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